Infrasound measurement service

Infrasound measurement rental service
   Measuring Equipment

Infrasound measuring device detects and stores the infrasound frequencies 0-20 Hz. Typically measuring equipment is used in homes, production facilities and animal shelters.

The measuring device comes with the instructions how to use it.

  Measurement results

The measuring instrument transmits and stores an infrasound signal to a server that processes it in a graphical format.

Optional Health Diary

The customer will receive a printable personal health diary, which can be filled in during the measurement period. The diary with its questions will point out symptoms caused by infrasound.

If you want to participate in our infrasound health research, you can return the health diary material to us at the end of the rental period. The health diary data is compared to the measured infrasound data caused be the wind turbines. Information is strictly confidential and used only for our research purposes.

Price list

The table below shows prices for individuals. Prices include VAT (24%). For companies and communities we rent equipment according to a separate offer. The renter will have access to personal IDs for viewing measurement results and for downloading to his computer. For an additional charge we will go through the measurement results with the lessee or provide a detailed written report.

Rental time
€ total
1 mo
2 mo
3 mo
6 mo
Contact Us

For your device, please contact us by email or by calling +358 50-5119239.