Start of the wind turbines in Kokkola

Finland. Continuous measuring of infrasound started in Halkokari, Kokkola at the distance of about 2,4 km from the coming wind turbines in July 2017. According to the measurements there was no powerful or persistent infrasound produced by wind turbines in Kokkola until the new wind power plants in Harriniemi started to run at full power at the end of the year 2017.

The figure below shows the location of the measuring device at the distance of 2,4 km from the nearest power station of the four power plants.

Compared to other wind power areas typically located in sparsely populated areas, there lives a considerable number of people in the environment of the wind power area in Kokkola under 3 km from the wind power stations. It is expected that some of the inhabitants of the area begin to experience typical symptoms suspected to be caused by infrasound exposure within few months after starting the power plants.

The nearest residential area is the Housing Fair Area of the year 2011 , it is 1,4 km from the nearest wind power plant. At this distance, we have witnessed in follow-ups so far that health problems experienced by humans evolve to the fastest and most serious level. At this distance, people have also occasionally been disturbed by audible noise from wind turbines, especially at night when there is no wind on the ground. Impairment of audible noise can prevented, for example, by keeping the windows and doors closed. However, as a low-frequency signal the infrasound penetrates into the building, so its potential effects cannot be avoided according to the present knowledge.

Above an aerial view of the housing fair area at the distance of 1,4 km from the power plants. In a neighborhood of several other wind power areas, people have had to move from their homes at this distance. Let’s hope the best that it will not be needed to leave these houses. The sale of the property has been found to be problematic, if the cause of the move has been symptoms occurred in the house. Photo: Housing Fair

The pictures below show day-to-day spectrograms in September–December. The interpretation of the spectrograms has been explained in previous blog posts.

Typical spectrograms in September:

Measurements in October:

In the following pictures some days measured in November. The infrasound from the running wind power plants can be seen in the spectrograms from 25.-27.11. of November.

In December, the infrasound generated by the wind turbines was nearly daily according to the measurements, as clearly can be seen in the spectrograms below.