Infrasound, what is it?

I heard about the infrasound noise generated by wind turbines about two years ago. At the same time I was told that large wind turbines produce infra sound that can reach up to several dozens of kilometers from plants. There were people who claimed that infrasound is hazardous to human and animal health and long-term exposure causes permanent physiological changes.

At first I did not know how the issue should be approached. Does it make sense that wind turbines could be a health risk? I had visited a few times at the foot of wind turbines in the Hailuoto ferry quay and mostly I remember that they took an enormous uproar in high winds. I was told that in addition to audible noise, wind turbines cause infrasound that propagates long distances, and abroad several researchers argued over whether the infrasound from the wind turbines harm people or not. I got to know also a few articles that told about people experiencing adverse health effects, whose cause was considered to be infrasound produced by wind turbines.

In Finland, too, large-scale wind farm areas have been invested and built. After all, wind power is a pollution-free and renewable electric energy production form. How was it possible that the alleged adverse health effects had been ignored and why it had not been adequately tested? Or is the whole concern about infra-sound health-related problems vain, people’s imagination, nocebo?

At previous work positions I have had a lot to study on the effect of placebo and how it can be reduced in medical device trials. The placebo effect is known to be very large and presumably nocebo effect is equally challenging. Placebo treated is improved, even if the medicine would be a sheer limestone tablet, while in nocebo a person gets symptoms of an external factor, which is not scientifically been proven physiological causality symptoms.

Case was bothered me. I heard from my friend that at several locations in Finland, people had begun to experience symptoms similar to those of foreign researchers had reported. They had occurred arrhythmia, hypertension, unexplained nights awakenings, tinnitus and tinnitus in a low frequency.

My friend had also acquired an infrasound measurement device, and was able to measure the wind turbine infrasound. At the same time, he had followed his own symptoms and marked the symptoms to diary. Infrasound he had recorded a monthly basis and compared after months wind turbines infrasound and temporal onset of symptoms in a diary. His findings were that the signs and symptoms of infrasound have connection.

We talked many times how the matter could be studied more extensively. We concluded that we should obtain a sufficiently favorable infrasound measuring equipment, which could measure and record from multiple locations at the same time and at the same time collect information on people experiencing adverse health effects. In the end, we decided to develop own measuring instruments, which we could, if necessary, to carry out the study.

In the spring 2016 we completed the first test device, which can measure the wind turbines produced by the infrasound.